segunda-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2011


Day One. Favourite Actor
Day Two. Favourite Movie
Day Three. Favourite Musician
Day Four. Favourite Book
Day Five. Favourite Food
Day Six. Favourite Song
Day Seven. Favourite TV Show
Day Eight. Favourite Color
Day Nine. Favourite Flower
Day Ten. Favourite Outfit
Day Eleven. Favourite Shoes
Day Twelve. Where Your Family Is From
Day Thirteen. Favourite Dog
Day Fourteen. Favourite Sunglasses
Day Fifteen. A 10+ Year Old Picture.
Day Sixteen. Future Tattoos
Day Seventeen. Favourite Smile
Day Eighteen. Favourite Board Game
Day Nineteen. Something That Made You Smile Today
Day Twenty. Favourite Actress
Day Twenty-One. Favourite Movie Quote
Day Twenty-Two. Random Picture
Day Twenty-Three. Favourite Music Video
Day Twenty-Four. Something Embarassing In Your Room
Day Twenty-Five. One Of Your Most Prized Possessions
Day Twenty-Six. A Picture From One Of The Greatest Days Of Your Life
Day Twenty-Seven. Favourite Car
Day Twenty-Eight. A Drawing
Day Twenty-Nine. Somewhere You Want To Visit
Day Thirty. Whoever You Find Most Attractive In This World

3 comentários:

simple writer disse...

oh obrigada :) um bom desafio este :p

carol disse...

obrigada querida , bom ano para ti também :)
desculpa só responder agora.

simple writer disse...

nao ando dada a desafios mas muito obrigada :)